BES Letterhead

Boston Entomological Society

For this Liquidlibrary Identity Challenge I created a logo that represents BES and what they do, find unique insects. I wanted the logo to be unique and one that every one would recognize and associate to BES. It is a simple image that will also appeal to families and work in conjunction with the new museum.

For the letterhead, I selected Environment® Willow Neenah Paper.
The 100years element could be set up on a word processing template for the stationary when composing the letter, then pulled off the template when necessary, this way no letterhead is wasted for the anniversary.

For the back on the bus. card, the black ink could be an additional one ink overrun on existing shells when cards are needed. With it being 100 years and counting, it works even if they hand out a card 'after' the anniversary.

For this winning entry, I will receive 3 months subscription to the stock photo and illustration site.

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