Up, Up and Away!

I have always wanted to take a hot air balloon. I decided to share a few photos from this day on my facebook site to see which one would be a favorite This one clearly received the most votes. This was the first time I asked for a facebook vote and am currently featuring it on my website. I enjoyed the feedback from everyone who took the time to post.

I was going to the grocery store but once I had this hot air balloon in my sights, I took off on a chase for it. I drove from south Gage to the South Wannamaker area via 4-70 because of the Fairlawn exit detour chasing this hot air balloon.  I didn't think I would ever get close enough to take the photo I wanted.I finally parked on a side street in a residental area where others were taking photos. I looked to my left at one man and then straight ahead at the power lines, that was not going to be good enough for me. As the balloon floated gracefully by, I took off on foot running up a grassy hill because it looked like it was going to land in an open field over the ridge. That was not the case.

On my hike to the top, I am not sure if i twisted my right foot or tripped in a hole but i fell. I wondered if the individuals in the basket could see me chasing them. I was short of breath but I didn't care, i was going to get that photo of that hot air balloon no matter what...or at least give it everything I had trying. I hobbled to a nearby electrical box in this new development area west off Wanamaker & 41st. (SW Mission Ridge Rd) I used that box as a tripod and only snapped a couple pics before it was up in the clouds past the grass. I finally made it to the grocery store two hours later. Talk about a moment I almost missed .....for a hot air balloon, it moved fast!