Share a Little Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. It is hard to believe Easter is behind us!  Everyone is ready to get outside and start enjoying the warmer days ahead. I enjoy this time of year and that makes it hard to spend time posting everything I have to share - writing is not my strong suit. I always worry about  'proper' English when writing a journal to post. I usually go back and end up making edits after. I really like being able to 'edit' even if it is days or months later. I am sure some of you who are connected with me on Facebook notice I will edit a post more than once. I guess that is why I do not comment that much, i am always concerned I will have a typo I will miss. It never helps when I attempt to type from my cell phone. At least I know I am among friends with that struggle. Hopefully those who read my journal understand I am a designer and I 'insert' the copy.  I have never claimed to be a writer.

If you have not browsed my site in awhile, I've made several updates since the first of the year. Including new photo galleries and an area for comments in each gallery. I had to go back and modify the comment area. To comment, you will be prompted to login - the simplest way is as a guest and you will only need to enter you name as you want it displayed. You can also comment using Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts.

This may be a shock to some of you, but I have discovered, not everyone is on Facebook.  I want to be able to connect to the facebook community as well as those who are not on Facebook.

The transitions on my website are changes I've wanted to do for a long time. Of the hats I wear, I am not a web designer. I decided to learn how to make the changes I wanted myself. If I am going to share events - this is where I want it. All in one place. Then i can easily share links to my journals on social networking sites.

Photo Credit: Bob Hayes

Photo Credit: Bob Hayes

Speaking of sharing, I am belated in posting that I am now offering photographs and prints on metal!

This is a really great way to display any image. Metal prints make a unique gift for those friends and family that are hard to buy for.

I sold my first set of 12x12 metal prints a few weeks ago, "Love" and "Heaven's Heart". This photo shows how thin the metal is. We are holding the prints with the mounting block on the back.

So that leads up to the next topic: My online store is finally OPEN! You can follow this link: to browse what I have listed. I have more to add and ordering is not limited to what is only in the store. Some of the products I currently have listed in the store do not have all the size options listed. When browsing the store, you will see in each category, the products at the top of the page have several options. that is another area that takes time to add all those options to each item. If you are interested in ANY image in any size, even if it is YOUR photo, PLEASE let me know.

I would enjoy hearing back what you think of my new site with the addition of the online store. Thanks for visiting my site!