Iris Painting

It's that time of year again for our annual Inspirations exhibit! I finished one painting yesterday and started another today. Hard to believe October is just around the corner. I started the "Iris Painting last May but it was a busy Summer and now that we just returned from the KSF it was time to start painting again. The image below includes the photograph by Charles Benton that was my original "inspiration"

I have not decided on a title for this painting so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way. This will be the fifth year for the Inspirations exhibit. I organize this annual exhibit and came up with the concept of encouraging artists to work with photographers and have both their original photograph and the final art on display together on exhibit, creating a team then the public can view and vote for their favorite 'teams'

If you live in the area and you have never been to the exhibit, be sure to make plans now to visit the Fairlawn Classic Bean, Warehouse 414 and NexLynx in downtown Topeka.  Here is a link to last year's INSPIRATIONS 2013 exhibit: