Looking Back at 2013...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family. I started out 2013 working on my website, adding a new online shop and sharing new content on Facebook.  I believe my last journal post was in June - then in a blink here I am at the end of 2013.

Since it has been six month and I have never been good at writing novels, I will post some photos with a brief recap.


Some of you have heard of and even met Jake. He came into our yard last May. He is our neighbor's Shih Tzu. Jake was lonely and missed his big brother Charlie, a Golden Retriever who had to be put down due to health issues. Since his first visit, Jake has been a regular visitor at our house. Arrow is a rescue who we ended up adopting after trying to find him a home. He enjoys it when Jake comes over to play with him! They are both a joy to have around.

I took this photo the day my Grandma passed away as we drove through the Flint Hills north of Wichita.

We always enjoy the time we spend in Colorado. Some of our favorite spots are Mt. Evans, Blue Lakes, Boreas Pass and of course, Breckenridge ....after all, "It's good for the soul!" I want to work on adding more images from Colorado to my gallery albums in 2014.

This year my Dad was recognized for being a part of the Kansas State Fair for 30 years. He started selling spas in 1984. We have been just to the south of Cottonwood and Fort Leavenworth for ten years. Before he moved to his current location, his booth was under the grand stands.

This was the fourth year of our Inspirations exhibit. This was the first year it was in three different locations. We had sixteen artists that included two out of state photographers. With 122 entries, there are sixty-one pairings total. The exhibit is still up at the Fairlawn Classic Bean until next Monday, January 6th and then the art at Warehouse 414 will come down. You have a few days left if you have not had a chance to view this year's Inspirations exhibit. We are all already planning and looking forward to what 2014 has in store for the 5th year of Inspirations!

Happy New Year to each of you, hope 2014 warms your heart with joy and your days are full of happiness!