Sneak Peek

My husband is definitely a bird lover. We have a robin taking up residence on our drain spout by the front door. I am not thrilled with this and to top it off, the nest had dry grass dangling down.

This morning I decided if he was going to insist this nest and the robin family stay, I was going to give the nest a mini makeover and trim it up. I went out with the trusty three-step ladder I gave my husband for Christmas because I knew it would come in handy around the house. Don't we all love those gifts!

While I was snipping up the nest with scissors – okay, I have to stop for a moment. There are so many things wrong with this scenario, ladder, scissors... that I should say: "Do not attempt this at home." :)

Of course at this point, I was curious to see the robin eggs before they hatched but the only way was to find a mirror. Then I crawled back up and saw the four eggs, one white and four blue. Then we all know what I wanted to do next - take a photo!

This was a lot easier said than done. I am now on that solid three-step ladder holding a small mirror with a wooden handle I have had forever in my left hand and my camera in my right hand where I single handed held the camera and clicked the shutter with the strap on the camera around my neck.

I thought it was interesting that one egg is white. Is it still the robin's egg? Or did she adopt? From what I have found online, the male robin is the one who sits on the eggs:  "A male robin will be more diligent in caring for its young if the eggs its mate lays are a brighter shade of blue." –

I really do not think the white egg is the robin's egg. Curious what your thoughts are.

I rotated this image 180º so you are actually looking at it upside down from my original photo. I preferred looking at it as if one was looking down into the nest instead of the way I shot it. Since  "Sneak Peek" was a bit of a challenge - I added it to my Photo of the Day collection this morning. I am also adding past photos to this album. You can click on the photo above or follow this link: