Snowy Creek

snowy creek_largefb.jpg

Snowy Creek is one of my favorite snowy scenes and adventures I had with my husband when we stayed in Breckenridge for a couple days in December 2010. I have been backing up files due to a recall on the internal drive that needs to be replaced on our computer. While working on my countless images over the years I came across another Snowy Creek scene from the same place as my original. I added it to my Colorado gallery collection and decided there was only one name for this image: Snowy Creek #2

snowycreek2 b&w_web.jpg

For those who make it this far down my post, I thought I would share a couple of those very rare images of myself while I was taking the Snowy Creek photos. My husand took these photos as I entertained him while I hiked down to the creek and back in the snow.