Spring Color

I stopped by Ted Ensley Gardens at Lake Shawnee today in search of some colorful Spring flowers. We drove by a few weekends ago but quickly realized it was Prom weekend. Groups were gathering dressed in gowns and tuxs by the bus loads. Some resorted to parking in the grass as every parking lot was full. We were not as eager to seek out the flowers so we found a more peaceful area at the Lake to pull over but it did not have the blossoms that the Ted Ensley Gardens are known for.

I finally headed over today but did not think I would see many tulips still in bloom. Many have faded since that weekend we drove by but I did find some tulips still standing tall.

I still need to add this album to the photo gallery section but you can take a sneak peek to my new album at this link: Tulip Gardens where you can view some of my favorite images I captured today.