Winter Snow Storm of '87

As the Winter Snow Storm "Q" sets in, I wanted to post photos I have from March 1987. This was a Winter Snow Storm! The snow was measured in feet not inches and several area towns were shut down. This photo was taken from the 2nd story deck looking OVER this drift to our neighbor's house across the street. From our front door we could not see their house. 


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Snow plows could not get though so my Dad decided to walk downtown to his store to check on things so I bundled up and when with him. We walked up the hill from our house to Evergreen but could not continue on what is now "E" Street to 1st due to all the drifting so we went a block over to the south on "F" Street.

I have heard many stories in our area of where individuals where homebound or on foot and the town was 'shut down' I have a photo of downtown of the alley to the south of the store. When I find it, I'll add it to this post.

Below is a map that shows our route from the house to the store, it was approximate 8 blocks. 

Map_Snow Route.jpg

Kansas Snow Gate Trivia: March 29,1987 -Standing in the subfreezing northerly Kansas wind punctuated by piercing sleet, Kansas Department of Transportation worker Doug Thompsen, Salina, greeted driver after driver who jumped coatless out of their cars to plead for his permission to pass through the roadblock on Interstate Highway 70. Between 11:15 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, Thompsen estimated he stopped more than 200 cars and sent them back east to Salina. The roadblock was set up about a mile west of the interchange of I-70 and Interstate 135. Interstate 70 was closed from Junction City west into Colorado by late Saturday afternoon. The road was among many closed through northwest Kansas Monday because of a blizzard. Source: The Salina Journal

In 1987, two consecutive storms dumped 36 inches of snow on western Kansas, making highways impassible. Stubborn drivers and determined truckers ignored radio warnings and found themselves stranded. Their rescues diverted resources from clearing roads. KDOT decided it was time for a new approach. Instead of simply announcing the closure of I-70 on the radio, the agency installed gates at every on-ramp from Russell to Kanarado in the 1990s. When closed, the gates physically prevented drivers from entering the highway, and allowed snowplows to work uninhibited. Source: Kansapedia

If you recall this Winter Storm of March 1987, you can share your memories here. Stay warm and safe everyone!