Shadow Play

Yesterday I took a few images of the snow that acculumated from Winter Storm Q but nothing really clicked for me. I decided because it was gloomy and overcast all day with only one brief moment where the sun peeked though the clouds. The official area snow total was 9.2 inches, we had almost 8 inches of snow in our driveway yesterday. 

My "Photo of the Day" collection should be renamed to "Photo of the Month" but I never know when I am going to find those single moments that catch my eye. I may go days or weeks before I share my next photo. Let's hope I do not go a year, if I do - please someone check on me, ha! 

I am going back and adding past photos to this collection. Another fun part of posting a photo of the day is adding a post of the image on the actual day that I took the photo. Sounds simple, but that task is not always as easy as it sounds.

Hopefully you made it this far and if you did, here is today's official photo of the day:

Sometimes it is not an easy process to come up with a title for an image considering the volume of photos I take but this one was easy. This morning I looked out the back door as the sun cast this shadow on the undisturbed snow of one of the two maple trees my Dad and Dalyn planted in our backyard September 2001.