Same address, new look!

My website will continue to be but it will soon have a NEW look! I made a screenshot of my desktop showing a browser window of the new home page. Here is a sneak peek:

(click on image to enlarge thumbnail)

Hopefully I will have it ready to lauch before Spring. I have wanted a new look to my site for years, yet I wanted to continue with what I have and expand it without starting over from scratch. I have always wanted to be able to do more with my site. Over the past few years, I asked others to assist me with improving my website but at the same time I wanted to learn how to make corrections on my own without relying on others. I will be the first to admit, I have never been very HTML savy. I finally decided to jump in with both feet and do all the new updates myself.

The new site will have Pinterest and Facebook links and share buttons. However, the main feature I am exicited to share with everyone is the E-Commerce –-this will be my first online store! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever make this a reality without being dependent of sites like eBay or Etsy. I am getting closer to the new site going live. Keep checking my blog, I will try my best to keep everyone updated with my journal more than I have in the past. Have a great weekend!