Stop for Rocky

We are in round two of back to back snow storms within a week. I really do not mind the snow, I can always bundle up when it is cold. Layers are the best way to stay warm in the cold. You can dress with lots of clothing layers to keep you warm, then take layers off as you start to warm up.

It is the 'icy road conditions' i do not care for...who does?

My favorite thing about snow is when it is coming down and it is a fluffy snow. It's like you have walked into magical snow globe. Today was one of those days.


I decided to call this image "Stop For Rocky" in hopes everyone is staying safe on the roads while the latest Winter Storm Rocky makes an appearance.

Here are 5 tips to stay safe while driving in winter conditions:

1. Make sure you and your car are properly equipped before you leave.

2. Slow down and drive smoothly.

3. Do not tailgate.

4. Do not use cruise control.

5. Pull over or stay home.

Here is an AOL AUTOS article link with more advice on driving safe: Staying Safe in Winter Driving