Photos, Fire and Good Times

Yesterday was an action packed day! We meet up with our friends Grant & Delores of Northwindimage to venture out to take some early Spring photos. We took off west towards Dover with no real destination in mind. Our first stop was the area from my painting Spring Colors take was from there photograph Spring Begins. We ended up passing through Dover and as we headed down the country roads, we met Mindy and her family. Here is one photo of Mindy and Dakotah when we first saw them on the hilltop.

This really could be a very long post but when I uploaded my photos from yesterday, I discovered I have filled my 1TB drive. So we need to make some adjustments in my storage for my photos. We eventually made our way headed north towards 1-70 where I stood in the middle of the road, pointed and said, "I see smoke!" 


Dalyn did not think it was a very large burn. What did we have to lose so we headed towards the smoke and this was the result. Trust me, I have a lot to share but I to share the one photo that of 234 prairie fire photos I took - the photo of the day for April 13th:

You can click through this photo to my Photo of the Day album. Yesterday I took more photos than I have ever taken in one single day in Eastern Kansas. I will l eventually have new gallery albums for Mindy, where you can view more images of her family along with my new Prairie Fire photos taken in Wabuansee County yesterday. 

Hope everyone enjoys this sneak peek from our day!