Recent Sales

For a month I have wanted to thank everyone for the photos they have bought. When I would sit down to put together a "thank you" post - I had another sale, so that is a great thing to have but I am very belated with this journal.

I was thrilled to receive an email from Stacye Redinger of the First National Bank and Trust in Phillipsburg regarding the order of five of my photographs for the Smith Center branch.


During a recent visit, I delivered the photos to FNB. Llyod Culbertson, the President of FNB is holding "Count Our Blessings" and I have "Beaming With Pride" - it's title describes how I felt to have my photographs ordered for the FNB in Smith Center.  I am looking forward to seeing them once they are framed.

They are having them framed locally so they ordered the photos printed on foam board. The foam board is professional mounted and makes for a solid print that is easy to ship.


My photos "Above The Rest", "Count Our Blessings",  "Beaming With Pride", "400 Road" and Sharing The Sun" will be  in the lobby and offices at the Smith Center First National Bank and Trust, 206 West Hwy 36.