Ah! Kansas

This afternoon I was listening to "Rocky Mountain High" on the radio while driving on 1-70 while heading. I thought about staying the course and head on out to the Rockies. After all, the slopes are opened in Breckenridge and they have had 48" of snow this week and extended the ski season this weekend, so why not? It would of been cold but we have been having cooler weather than normal for this time of year so I was ready to keep on heading west.

We did not end up taking off for the Rockies as tempting as it was. I lingered around watching Westbound traffic and enjoyed the warmer weather. I ended up exiting off Valencia Road and pulled over to watch those beautiful clouds roll by.

It's funny how some see beauty in some things and not in others. Not everyone can see the beauty in Kansas. 

Kansas has a lot to offer but it is not considered as a state that is picturesque.  I will be the first to admit - it is easier for me to see the beauty in Colorado than right here in Kansas.  I think that is in part because when I go to Colorado I want to absorb every ounce of it that I can take in.

I took the photo above this afternoon and added it to my Beauty of Kansas album but I would like some help with a title. I would appreciate any suggestions. At the bottom of this journal you can leave your comments. You can sign in as a guest, and it is as simple as leaving them on facebook.

In Kansas, sometimes you have to explore those back roads that are less traveled to find that amazing view. That is what makes finding those images that capture the Beauty of Kansas even more rewarding

I came across this retro Kansas commercial and thought  "Ah! Kansas" was a fitting title for this journal. How many remember this Kansas Travel & Tourism video from 1988?