New Day

This morning, I started uncovering my plants around 7:30am and all looks good. I do not think the low was as low as expected. It is still cold this morning at 41º but it feels like 33º. As long as the sun is shining down, I'll take it.


Despite the cold weather we've had, it's amazing how just having a sunny day  can put a little extra spring in our step. I decided to revisit the Cleveland Pear trees while they are still blooming. You can see the difference a few hours can change how everything looks.

Depending on what kind of shot you are wanting, natural lighting can give your photograph that extra snap or the lack of sun can make your photo flat. That is not always easy to control. To an extent, you can play with your camera settings to allow for the lack of natural light.


To get the best lighting, it can take hours of dedication and determination as you wait for that glimpse of the sun to make the landscape glow. You can see the difference a day made in my photos from yesterday and this morning side by side. You can find the photos below and more in my Photo of the Day collection.