One Year Later

I enjoy all the seasons, especially springtime. Today did not feel like Spring. The high was only 46º.  It is hard to go out and search for signs of Spring with the cooler temps we've had but I took a moment today to do just that. I should have dug out my gloves because once I came back inside, I no longer had any feeling in my fingers. Not exactly sure how I held on to the camera or clicked the shutter, but I did.

I know it has been gloomy for a lot of us who are eager to feel the warmth of the sun or those who enjoy spending time in the garden digging in the dirt.  It's 38º this evening and the overnight lows expected are 24º to 28º if you live west of the line from Hiawatha to Emporia, lows in the 28º to 31º range east of the line. I have drawn this line and think we are sitting right on it so I covered what little hints of Spring we have and hopefully the young foliage will be protected from the freezing temps.

When I took this image of my young bleeding hearts today, I did not realize that I had a similar image I took a year ago last March 18th. Last year, Spring came early and one year later - it is taking it's sweet time to arrive.

Tulips are another sign that Spring is around the corner. I did not cover the tulips this evening as I believe they are fairly hardy to cooler temperatures. The forecast is showing some sun tomorrow so hopefully the warmer temps will help everything perk back up.

This is the part where I froze my fingers - I am not sure after the freeze this evening what all the Cleveland Pear trees are going to look like so I took a few photos of the Spring Blossoms. I added the image below to my Photo of the Day collection.